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 The Addict’s Diary is a platform through which those affected by substance abuse can share their story, find a sense of catharsis and community while informing the unaware about this epidemic’s realities.

Kevin Alter has shared his recovery story with over 100 schools in hopes of educating students on drug prevention. His story outlines the pivotal moments in his lifelong battle with addiction, from homeless to now a public figure, it’s a must hear story that relieves us of the stigma on addiction


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About Kevin Alter
Founder & Author

My name is Kevin Alter and I am the founder of The Addict’s Diary. I struggled with substance use disorder from the age of seventeen to twenty-seven. When I got clean I noticed that there was a general misconception of the addict. I wanted to change that, so I did my best to humanize addiction. I wanted people to see us for who we really are. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I wanted to break the stigma, inspire people, educate students, and save lives all with stroke of a keyboard. I decided to take the reader along with me on my journey. I put my all into it and it worked.

The Addict’s Diary offers support services to those suffering from addiction and to the family or friends affected by their loved ones substance use. From our own personal experience, we provide the answers to the questions you might have in hopes of helping guide you towards a solution.

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The Addict’s Diary is a blog shared on Facebook featuring addiction recovery stories from around the world. It is an outlet for the hopeless and hopeful, it is an inspirational tool for the still addicted and a platform we use to celebrate the triumph of those who’ve recovered.

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