As you prepare to read the first volume of “The Addict’s Diary,” I would like to humbly say that I am not an author, nor a writer.

I am simply someone whose life was ravished by the disease of addiction. As far back as I can remember I always felt different or less than; not to sound cliché but that’s just how I felt.

It was suggested to me by an in-treatment therapist that I begin writing in hopes of finding myself. Out of misery and desperation, I took the suggestion, and that is what happened. I found Kevin, and I fell in love with him. I never imagined that one day my words would be shared all over the country.

Hold on a second, let me start over.

I never imagined that one day I wouldn’t have to stick a needle in my arm just to function. I never imagined that one day I would have a bed to sleep in. I never imagined that I would have food to eat, or my family back in my life. I never imagined anything other than getting high because with every fiber and being of my body I was, for lack of a better word, “sick.” Someone reached their hand out to me in an attempt to get me clean. I grabbed that hand and didn’t let go.

I pray that these words grab your fear, desperation, and hopelessness with that same force. I pray that these thoughts of mine that found their way into words, sentences, and paragraphs restore your hope and faith that it’s never too late to make a change.

God bless you all and thank you for your support.

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  • Pat says:

    First of all, Thank you for sharing your stories. I am a grandmother of an addict, in recovery. He is 91 days sober. It has broken my heart to see how much he has suffered. He has started to repair his relationships with his parents and younger brother He is 21 years old and has been using since he was 15. Thank you with love and respect. Pat

  • Jessica says:

    Thanks for sharing. Thanks for the honesty. I need honesty at this point in my life. I’m an addict. Hoping to get clean, hoping this time is the one that “sticks” for me. I can’t afford a treatment center, I can’t afford a detox. And even if I could, I would lose an essential person in my life if they found out. So I’m hoping that I can be the 1 in a million story, the one that can go to meetings, write in my journal, search the internet for blogs like this one, stories that can help me beat this demon I carry on my back even though I can’t go get “help” from a 30 day program. And when I can’t get to a meeting and I’m fighting the dope sick part of this that I know is right around the corner for me, I hope that blogs like this one and people like you can help me through. Thanks for putting this out there for people like me to see.