What Is The Recipe

It wasn’t that my parents loved me any less. It wasn’t that they didn’t do their best. I believe if there was a recipe for them to follow that prevented me from being an addict, they would have used it. A checklist of what to do and not to do, they would have checked it. I had a good childhood and there’s nothing specific that caused the chain of events. I’m Louie and I’m an addict, and that’s okay. It took me a long time to understand that. 10 miserable years to be exact. During that time my parents paid physically and emotionally, push, pulled, controlled, and let go. The most valuable lesson active addiction and recovery has taught me is one controls ones own actions. No one is responsible for anyone else or their outcome. I live selflessly today because it dictates the best outcome for me and the best outcome for me is the best outcome for the people around me. My parents didn’t love me any less but I bet if they could go back they’d show me that other people’s love won’t make you love yourself.

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