I saw my little brother today. I’ve seen him a lot in the last few years. I’ve seen him in treatment centers. I’ve seen him in halfway houses. I’ve seen him in handcuffs. I’ve seen him strung out and homeless. I’ve seen him get ridiculed, judged, and given up on. I’ve seen his arms full of scars. I’ve seen his eyes full of tears. I’ve seen his face sunken in. I’ve watched his empty soul wandering aimlessly around this world for the last few years. But not today, today I saw what I’ve been waiting for. Today I saw what I’ve been hoping for. Today I saw what I’ve been praying for. Today I saw the real him. Today I saw a man, a father, and a brother. I saw Freddie. I drove three and a half hours each way just to see it with my own eyes. I hugged him, he hugged me. I told him I loved him. He told me he loved me. I held his beautiful little girl. We laughed, we joked around. I saw my brother today. I missed him.

-Kevin Alter