Yo kid,
I don’t get a chance too often to tell you thanks so I’ll do It now.

You remember when we used to share a needle that was so dull It felt like a screwdriver going into a vein? You remember when we were so hopeless we would both secretly pray that next bag of dope would kill us? Yeah I remember those times but they seem so distant now.

Here’s what I remember more of.

I remember when your mother would feed me after work because I had no place else to go. I remember when your brothers and cousin Billy used to check in on me because I had no relationship with my own siblings. I remember when you mailed me a package of socks to rehab because I had none. I remember when you came with me to get my first car. I remember when you took me to Macy’s and bought me some jeans. I remember when you had neck surgery and wouldn’t let anyone come see you but me. I remember when you made It through that surgery sober. I remember when you went and got me my first tv for my new apartment. I remember all the car rides sober we laughed so hard we cried. I remember that time you tried to set up your voicemail 100 times because I kept making you laugh. I remember when the only follower I had was you.

Nobody read my stuff.

I remember all the times we were so stressed we carried one another through. I remember the vacations we took where we couldn’t believe how much our lives had changed. I remember the first time we met at 12 years old. I remember never predicting 17 years later we would still be in each other’s lives. So thanks. Thanks for the good, the bad, the love, the hate, the fights, and the success.


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