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Kevin Alter


Sober Emotions

For every angry fight, I was actually terrified. For every screaming match, I just wanted to be told it’s ok. For every flying fist, a…
Kevin Alter
July 30, 2018


Peace I remember when I was using heroin I would see people smiling and wonder how they could be happy. I'd see people enjoying their…
Kevin Alter
June 26, 2018
My story

Kevin is Back!

I Thought When I Was Using Drugs I Was Only Hurting Myself. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Around 2008 the most sought after bag…
Kevin Alter
March 10, 2018
FamilyMy story

My Mom

When The Doctor Held Me In The Air, My Mom Named Me “Kevin.” When my veins thirsted for the next bag of heroin, my mom…
Kevin Alter
March 5, 2018