July 9, 2017, a day I consider my second birthday. A year ago today was one of the scariest days of my life. I left this earth a year ago today. I had died from a heroin overdose in a friend’s driveway. I know many people whether they are addicts or not have their opinions on Narcan. But, my story involves it and without it, I would not be here typing this. A year ago I died in that drive and had to get hit with Narcan twice. And fell out once again. Today I suffered from a lot of guilt. I felt a feeling I’ve never felt. I felt so bad about how much my decisions had been hurting or could’ve hurt everyone else. My decision to dance with the devil nearly took away my chance to meet my newest niece, took me away from my parents and brother and family, almost took me away from watching my best friend get married. It almost took away my dreams of one day getting married and having a family of my own. I was so selfish during my active addiction no one’s feelings mattered. At almost 90 days clean. As much as today took an emotional toll on me, I’ve never felt so much relief that I was able to tell my parents what really happened and to hear that they’re so happy I’m still here. To hear my brother say “I will listen to you talk any day” after thanking him for letting me ramble was one of the greatest things I’ve heard. Not many of us are lucky enough to get a second chance at life, by the grace of god I’ve walked away from death twice. I refuse to tap dance on the edge anymore. I’ve never been happier with my
Life and where I am right now. I may not have it all together and all the materialistic things I would love to have. But the amount of love and support I have from my friends and family is something I wouldn’t trade for the world. A year ago today, i died from a heroin overdose in a friend’s driveway. Today a year later I’m kicking this addictions ass one day at a time. Hi, I’m Anna and I am an extremely blessed recovering addict, please share this post to help young women like myself .

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  • Carolyn Johnson says:

    Anna, thank God you survived what would have been a heartbreaking tragedy for all your loved ones. Keep moving forward in sobriety and keep letting your beautiful light shine! ????????????

  • Gina Wright says:

    You are a warrior,Anna! I’m so grateful that you are still here! God has great things in store for you. I’m sure of that. Please don’t beat yourself up too much about your past. You can’t really change that.All of your experience may be just what allows you to save the life of another one day. Guilt is a destructive emotion. I hope that you can replace the guilt with gratitude, for it will serve you much better.Just live each day now like the gift it is. Thank you so much for continuing to fight this evil disease. May God continue to bless your efforts and help you to shine like the treasure you are.